Required documents 2023

What information do we need from you? 

Personal Information

  • Your name and address details, date of birth and social security number
  • Name(s) and date(s) of birth of children living at home
  • Partner’s name, date of birth & social security number
  • Roommate(s) name(s) and period registered at the same address


  • Annual statements for 2023
  • Partner alimony that has been received
  • Income and costs from other activities


  • Annual overview of the business bank account
  • Administration overview

Bank Accounts / Assets

  • Annual overview of 2023 of your debit/payment account
  • Annual overview of 2023 of your, and your child(ren)’s savings account(s)
  • Annual overview of 2023 of your investments


  • The WOZ value of your house with reference date January 1st 2022

(This value is stated on the WOZ decision you received from the municipality last year.)

  • The annual statement of your mortgage
  • In case of buy or sale of your home: the notary bill


  • Gifts and donations
  • Healthcare costs that you have not been reimbursed
  • Partner alimony that has been paid


  • Details of loans and other debts
  • Details of paid annuity premiums
  • Overview of paid disability insurance (AOV)
  • Dividend information
  • Provisional income tax assessment for 2022
  • Provisional assessment for income-related healthcare insurance contributions for 2023
  • If first tax return by Floris.Finance, a copy of your income tax return of 2022

NOTE: Only find out what applies. Keep this information ready for our phone call.